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Health and human services

Eligibility reform such as the Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) and the Health Information Exchange (HIE) are now mandated via rulings such as the Affordable Care Act. As part of these modernization efforts, data quality is more important than ever before. By ensuring accurate contact data as part of eligibility reform efforts, HHS agencies streamline the enrollment and claimant process, ultimately improving case routing and assignments.

By implementing best practices for the capture and use of citizen contact data, HHS agencies ensure that only accurate information is entered into the new eligibility environment, improving customer service and onboarding. Experian Data Quality helps HHS agencies:

  • Improve case routing
  • Streamline interactions with claimants
  • Eliminate duplicate claimant records
  • Be confident in the insurance options provided to citizens

Address verification tools speed up the claimant process by prompting the user for missing or inaccurate information at the point of entry. Claimants requesting information or services are on-boarded faster, increasing the overall customer experience.

Address verification Address verification aids labor departments in their quest to meeting compliance standards and preventing fraud while reducing back-end rework and increasing operational efficiency.

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