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Health and human services

Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies are relying on data more than ever before. This requires more advanced technology to meet the changing needs of constituents. As your organization strives to provide the best experience possible, access to high-quality and relevant information is critical. HHS agencies are receiving constant streams of information from a myriad of sources, so a lack of standardization and data quality can make it challenging to deliver a superior experience to those receiving benefits. 

By implementing data quality best practices for constituent data, HHS agencies ensure that they are capturing only accurate information, improving customer service and onboarding. Experian Data Quality helps HHS agencies:

  • Improve case routing
  • Streamline interactions with claimants
  • Eliminate duplicate claimant records
  • Be confident in the insurance options provided to citizens

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Contact data management

Do you trust the data in your constituent database? Ensure the data you hold on your citizens is accurate and up-to-date, and maintain quality as new information is entered in your systems. 

Data migration

Is your HHS agency undergoing a modernization project? Let us help you prepare your data before you migrate it to the new system, enabling you to deliver the project on-time and on-budget while minimizing rework. 

Data matching

Are duplicate records in your database causing challenges? Our matching engine will help you discover links between your contact records, allowing you to identify and remove duplicates and gain a clear understanding of who is utilizing your services. 

Data enrichment

What could you do with a greater understanding of your constituents? Appending additional information like demographic, behavioral, household, life event, and geographic information will enable you gain greater insight and provide a more personalized experience for those receiving benefits. 

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