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Experian for Health and Human Services

Data quality management for CCWIS and regulatory compliance

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Improving a child's quality of life with data quality management

As your organization strives to provide the best experience possible, access to high-quality and relevant information is critical. New regulations around improving data quality and modernizing legacy technology will require today's Health and Human Services (HHS) as well as child welfare agencies to adhere to certain data quality standards and effectively report on those metrics.

When you are receiving and relying on data more than ever before, a lack of standardization and data quality can make it challenging to deliver a superior experience to those receiving benefits. This is where our holistic data quality management solutions can help.

How regulation is changing the data game for Health and Human Services agencies

Data is crucially important to Health and Human Services agencies, and having trust in that data is fundamental. Accurate data can mean the difference between someone receiving the right services, or getting lost in the system.

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Data quality management

 We can help you profile and analyze existing data to more effectively prioritize your data strategy.

  • Data quality monitoring and alerts
  • Automated functions to evaluate the quality of data from exchanges
  • Ongoing data quality reporting and data profiling
  • De-dupe and matching
  • Address verification

Contact data management

Do you trust the contact data in your constituent database?

  • Validate address data and correct errors upon entry so that you collect valid mailing address for the people you serve
  • Available as real-time solutions or as batch cleanses to scrub existing address lists

Data migration

Ensure a smooth data migration or modernization project

  • Identify and fix data quality issues in your existing database before migrating to new systems
  • Protect the quality and integrity to ensure that you deliver the project on-time and on-budget while minimizing rework

Data matching

Are duplicate records in your database causing challenges?

  • Discover links between your contact records
  • Identify and remove duplicates
  • Gain a clear understanding of who is utilizing your services

Data enrichment

Gain greater understanding of your constituents

  • Append additional information like demographic, behavioral, household, life event, and geographic information
  • Get greater insight and provide a more personalized experience for those receiving benefits

Learn more about how we uphold CCWIS data quality standards.


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