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Tax and revenue

Improve revenue collection rates and reduce the time required to collect on tax bills, ultimately providing more funding back into state-funded programs. Libraries, school systems and roadways rely on tax payer funding. Therefore, if a tax payer is late on payment or does not receive the necessary information in order to submit payment, these state-funded programs suffer.

Verifying contact information during any constituent submission process results in less time spent by employees researching alternative communication methods. Constituents receive their tax bills on time, giving tax and revenue agencies the option to improve collection time and allocate funds faster and more efficiently. By exercising proper data quality practices, tax and revenue agencies are able to:

  • Focus on service deliverability
  • Track constituents as they move
  • Free staff time by reducing rework
  • Better allocate and collect taxes

Address verification tools do more than just ensure accurate contact information for constituents. The National Change of Address (NCOALink ®) database is a data file containing records that have been submitted to the USPS®. Running this record against an existing database helps tax and revenue agencies ensure receipt of necessary information to those who have moved to another address.

Address verification Address verification aids tax and revenue agencies in their quest to improve efficiencies while improving collection times and deliverability.
National change of address processing NCOA® processing validates each name and address in a tax and revenue agencies data file, flagging constituents who have moved or relocated. This results in less rework and receipt of tax information.

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