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Data quality for healthcare

Improve the speed and accuracy of how you collect patient contact data

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Contact data validation enables healthcare providers to offer the best possible patient support and service.

It can be difficult for staff to collect accurate contact details from patients while multi-tasking in what can be a stressful environment. However, it is vitally important that patient contact data is accurate, standardized, and scanned for duplicates.

Enhance patient communication, satisfaction, and quality of service with contact data validation.

Healthcare providers see a high volume of patients entering their facilities daily, so speedy and accurate data collection is essential for maintaining a good patient database. Patient data is not only used for billing statements and invoices, but also for financial planning departments to improve future marketing or cost analysis efforts.

Delivering excellence in patient service doesn’t come easy, but it does come back to good contact data. Reduce costs and rework, improve patient communications, and identify patient duplicates with data validation.


Implementing customer data verification into your data quality strategy will help you:


Reduce the amount of returned mail and staff rework


Improve timeliness of patient communications and reminders


Better analyze the effectiveness of marketing outreach and financial spend


Identify duplicate patient records to reduce confusion

Our data quality solutions suite includes:

Address verification Regular validation of patient addresses allows healthcare providers to quickly act on communications, billing, and analyses without any delay
Email verification Ensure that emailed communication efforts are received by the intended recipients the first time around
Duplicate identification Eliminate duplicate records caused by human error and reduce confusion surrounding patient records and identification

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