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Contact data quality for Magento

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Experian Data Quality for Magento provides contact data quality for Magento users during the account creation, update, and checkout processes. Our functionality seamlessly integrates into Magento Community (v1.9.3 and below) and Enterprise (v1.14 and below) editions to verify customer billing and shipping addresses at the point of entry.

With our address, email, and phone validation integrations for Magento, youÂ’ll prevent delivery problems, reduce the number of undeliverable packages, and better serve your client base with each order.

Experian Data Quality for Magento is compatible with all website customizations, and you can be sure that address, email, and phone data is verified effectively and efficiently.

Product highlights:

  • Real-time address, email, and phone verification and standardization
  • Provides verification coverage for U.S., Canada, GBR, Ireland, and Germany out of the box
  • User-friendly interface and data prompts help to lower the risk of cart abandonment

How it works

Our contact data quality integrations for Magento validates address, email, and phone data in real time during checkout, account creation, and in the account address book. Avoid undeliverable orders by validating address, email, and phone data and ensuring a streamlined communication with your customers.

Address validation

A customer's shipping and/or billing address is validated real time. If your customer has entered an address element incorrectly, our validation software will either attempt to make a change automatically or prompt the customer to provide additional information to ensure the address is correct.

Email validation

A customer's email address is validated in real time. The response code is fully customizable and can be configured to correct the email address if your customer types a common misspelling. For example, our validation will suggest updating to

Phone validation

A customer's phone number is validated in real time. This validation can be configured to standardize international phone numbers, as well as flag when a number is a landline vs. a mobile number.