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Experian for Oracle Xstore

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Experian for Oracle Retail has been fully integrated into the Xstore point-of-service environment for real-time and back-end address data validation.

Oracle Retail users can verify and standardize customer addresses as they are captured in store, online, and over the phone. We offer a turnkey integration for Oracle Xstore with minimal technical lift required.

Whether the information is typed into the system by a store employee or a call center representative, we improve the speed and accuracy of address data verification and address capture.

Product highlights:

Address data validation for Oracle Xstore provides:

  • Real-time address verification and standardization functionality
  • Easy-to-use engine that prompts users for additional data if needed
  • U.S. Postal ServiceĀ® and Canada Post data sets used for validation

Key integration benefits:

  • Integration built by the Oracle Retail team
  • Best practices fit seamlessly into each application's unique environment
  • In-house expertise ensures a smooth implementation and deployment