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QAS for Raymark

Experian Data Quality and Raymark have partnered to integrate best practice address verification functionality into the Xpert application. Data validation for Raymark empowers store associates and ensures that addresses are captured faster and more accurately, leading to better customer interactions on the front end and streamlined processes on the back end.

Users invoke the Experian Data Quality Typedown Engine by tabbing into the first address line or double clicking within any of the address fields. This allows store representatives to locate, validate, and standardize customer addresses immediately at the point of capture.

Product highlights:

Key features of data validation for Raymark include:

  • Seamless integration into Raymark Xpert version 7.0.9R5 and higher
  • Verification supporting USPS® and Canadian Post™ data
  • Fast and accurate address capture within the four main POS module screens

Integration details:

The Raymark team developed and accredited the integration with guidance on best practices from Experian Data Quality. To enable the functionality, retailers need the product installer and license key (provided by Experian Data Quality). All together, the installation takes most retailers approximately 2 hours.

The software add-on is available within four main screens:

  • POS VIP creation
  • POS shipping address creation
  • Back office VIP address creation
  • Back office VIP other address creation

Key integration benefits:

  • Optimal product stability and usability based on guidance from Raymark developers
  • Best practices that fit seamlessly into each application's unique environment
  • In-house expertise to ensure a smooth implementation and deployment

Want to learn more?

Download the product sheet