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QAS for RedPrairie

Experian Data Quality has partnered with RedPrairie to deliver data validation for RedPrairie clients. The address verification works in real time in RedPrairie call center and e-commerce applications. As the call center representative or customer begins typing an address, the tool invokes, prompting the user to update any missing or incorrect address elements.

The tool fits seamlessly within RedPrairie's workflow and ensures data quality within the Ecometry and Blue Martini applications.

Product highlights:

Key features of data validation for RedPrairie include:

  • Real-time and back-office address verification and standardization
  • Intuitive address search engine speeds call center processes
  • Experian Data Quality best practices integrated for seamless customer checkout

Integration details:

Experian Data Quality is integrated into Ecometry's Name Search, New Customer, and Customer Maintenance screens. The functionality automatically invokes when operators enter new records. The tool is also available for record updates through a hotkey or through the 'Call QAS' button.

Experian Data Quality address verification is also pre-built into Blue Martini and ensures that each customer address is verified and standardized during checkout. Clients have access to Experian Data Quality best practice code for retail checkout environments, but are able to further customize this code as needed.

QAS for RedPrairie requires minimal resource for installation and training.

Key integration benefits:

  • Turnkey integration installed within one hour
  • Reviewed and accredited by multiple sources
  • US and international address verification

Want to learn more?

Download the product sheet