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QAS for Symitar™ Episys®

Experian Data Quality joined the Symitar™ Vendor Integration Program (VIP) in order to provide data validation for Symitar core processing users. The integrated product allows credit unions to verify and standardize member addresses at the point of capture.

Users create and modify member addresses as usual, typing directly into the core processing system. As the branch officer tabs out of the ZIP Code™ field, the functionality invokes. When an address element is incorrect or missing, the branch officer is prompted with the details, ensuring resolution prior to leaving the record.

Product highlights:

Data validation for Symitar™ provides:

  • Real-time address verification and standardization
  • Turnkey integration built and accredited by Symitar
  • Bi-monthly postal data updates

Integration details:

  • Installs into all standard touch points within one hour
  • Leverages the QAS Pro Web Verification Engine
  • Ensures fast and accurate address capture across branch locations

This turnkey integration was built and accredited by Symitar™, ensuring that address verification is available at all standard capture points. For information on integrating into non-standard touch points, please contact us.

Want to learn more?

Download the product sheet