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LeadSpend to Experian Data Quality

Learn what the migration means for you

1.  Do I need to do anything during this migration?

No action is necessary on your part. Experian Data Quality will handle all of the leg-work associated with the migration from to so you don’t have to. The next time you need to validate your database, simply visit to do so.

2. What are the benefits for me?

Experian Data Quality will be using the best in class email validation technology LeadSpend developed but will be making the process of cleaning a file of emails easier. Some of those improvements will include:

  • Faster, more efficient report processing times
  • Customized data report that can be viewed in a webpage
  • Streamlined Credit Card payment process
  • Instant auto-delivery of data results to your inbox as soon as your list is validated
  • Ability to instantly download your validated file after payment 
  • The ability to easily add additional data quality services to your business such as address validation, phone validation and data enhancement services. 

3. Who can I talk to if I have questions or issues concerning this migration?

If you have any concerns about this migration, please refer to our FAQ section to see if we’ve addressed your question. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (888) 727 - 8822.

4. Why are you migrating from LeadSpend to in the first place?

We want to provide you with a comprehensive data quality platform. While LeadSpend focuses primarily on email verification, Experian Data Quality focuses on the whole of data quality. 

This migration means that you will now be able to access address and phone validation services, as well as more robust data quality management tools like monitoring, standardization and enrichment technologies—all on the same website.

5. Where can I find the updated Terms and Conditions?

You can find our updated Terms and Conditions here.

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