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Groundbreaking performance with outstanding ease of use

Why are Profiling and Discovery so important?

Where are the weaknesses in your data landscape? How is your data structured and utilised? How are your core services and business functions impacted by the quality of the data they consume?

These are not questions for the IT department but for the whole organisation.

Experian Pandora Data Profiling and Discovery helps you to understand what problems exist and what actions need to be taken so that you can drive profits, ensure compliance and increase customer satisfaction.

What makes Experian Pandora so different?

There are many data profiling tools but none is architected like Experian Pandora.

Experian Pandora features a unique, correlated repository that delivers massive scalability and lightning fast performance but without the hardware and administrative overhead of other solutions.

Experian Pandora is designed from the ground up to cope with modern data volumes and complexity, setting industry standards for performance, ease of use and capability.

How does your organisation benefit?

The key difference over other data profiling and discovery solutions is rapid time-to-value.

Your teams need to be productive with minimal training and this is where Experian Pandora excels.

Users rave about the ease of use and productivity they gain with Experian Pandora compared to other solutions, particularly for high volume, intensive data profiling and discovery tasks.

Little wonder industry analysts rate it as the leading product in its class for architecture and analysis.

Core Capabilties

Correlation Design

A unique correlated repository stores one instance of each value, allowing instant profiling analysis, relationship discovery and incredibly fast operation.

Global Search

The correlated repository allows instant search results of patterns, metrics, values and defects across your entire data landscaping, empowering both business and technical users.

Impact Analysis

Experian Pandora is the only tool that links financial metrics to data quality metrics helping you focus improvement efforts based on accurate impact and benefit analysis.

Data Prototyping

Now you can prototype business rules, data transformations, standardisation, cleansing, enrichment and calculations to accurately simulate change impacts.

Relationship Discovery

The unique correlated repository means cross-system Relationship Discovery is available instantly, no need for the time-consuming  batch processing of other tools.

Automated Defect Detection

Automatically discover broken keys, orphaned records and thousands of content quality issues using the highly intuitive fault detection features of Experian Pandora.


Download the Free Data Profiling Tools Market Report from Bloor Research

Philip Howard takes an in-depth look at the various free data profiling solutions available and provides his recommendations.

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