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Powerful data management tool

Analyze, improve, and manage your data

Perform everything from analysis and profiling to data cleansing and monitoring.

Whether you're working on data migrations or building a governance program, our data management solution is essential.

On-premise and interactive, our tool was built with simplicity and collaboration in mind. Business and technical users alike can use this tool and work together for critical and intelligent decisioning.

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Here's how we help with data management

Instantly investigate and evaluate your data

For companies undergoing data migrations or integrations, mergers or acquisitions, or wanting to have more confidence in their data, our smart data management solution is an essential piece of the puzzle. We detect data quality violations at the source and have hundreds of cleansing and standardization rules to prep your data.

Manage the quality of your data

In order to manage data for business use, it needs to be standardized and formatted in a consistent manner. Our data management solution offers automatic alerts, audit trails, issue resolution, data policy enforcement, and more, to help you manage your data around the clock.

On-premise solution

Our client-server architecture installs and runs on your infrastructure - built with simplicity in mind.

Business collaboration

Enable collaboration across users and departments with role-based functionality.

Comprehensive data management

Eliminate the need for multiple data management tools. We have comprehensive, robust functionality that complements hand-coding and ETL tools you already have in place.

Simple to install

With no need for staging databases, our solution eliminates the need for a system or database administrator. 


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