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Address data integration

Ensure clean data and accuracy

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What is address data integration?

Address data is frequently stored in multiple formats and often in multiple locations - on premise, hosted in the cloud, and sometimes both. Address data integration combines information from varying sources in one place and cleans the data to ensure that it is accurate. Address data integration ensures that you have reliable data when you need it and where you need it to most effectively support business processes.


Address data can be stored in a variety of locations, including on-premise hosted databases, cloud solutions, or a combination of both.


Address cleansing detects and removes incorrect, incomplete, or duplicated data and ensures that it is formatted correctly.


To ensure that data integrates accurately, the various data sets are linked to each other through a process of data mapping.


Data is delivered to you in real time or in batch.

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Experian address data integration solutions


Address data integration combines data in real time. As new records are created, our de-duplication API immediately determines whether the address is a duplicate. Sophisticated algorithms identify linked or similar records and remove the duplicates from your database.

When you have lists that needs to be standardized and de-duplicated, the list process service allows you to upload a batch of records to quickly search for name matches and duplicates. Do this ad hoc for bulk processing or on a one-off basis, whenever needed.


Our batch address verification solution cleans and enhances your data. By comparing your addresses against USPS records, batch address verification updates and corrects missing information and spelling errors. Batch address verification also cleans and enhances international data by comparing your data with official postal records from 18 countries.

Our real-time address verification API ensures that addresses are accurate and complete as they are entered, whether you are collecting the data via a website or over the phone. The API completes addresses as they are being typed, with minimal data entry. Not only does this feature ensure that addresses are correct, but it reduces up to 80 percent of keystrokes needed to enter a normal address, saving employees and your customers time.


Experian Pandora improves the quality of your address data by consolidating, cleansing, standardizing, and enriching it. Data is monitored with instant around-the-clock defect monitoring and fault resolution. Experian Pandora can reduce the cost of your data integration projects by more than 90 percent. It’s the fastest tool on the market to analyze, profile, and transform your data.

Save time and money and increase productivity by putting Experian's address data integration solutions to work for you.

Why choose Experian for address data integration?

Save time

Not having to hand-code or process your own data integration project saves considerable time, allowing you to focus on the business at hand.

Data quality baked in

Data cleansing and data mapping processes remove inconsistencies and incorrect data, providing you with reliable information. Real-time address data integration ensures that data errors are addressed at the time data is being entered.

Enterprise scalability

As your business and demands grow, address data integration processes easily keep pace.

Experian security

Experian's comprehensive 256-bit AES-based encryption system and robust password protection systems ensure that your data is secure.

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