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Address Verification for Magento

Experian Data Quality has partnered with Magento to provide contact data quality for Magento users and to prevent data errors during the address update and checkout processes. Experian Data Quality functionality seamlessly integrates into Magento Community and Enterprise editions to verify customer billing and shipping addresses at the point of entry. With Magento address validation, you’ll prevent delivery problems, reduce the number of undeliverable packages, and better serve your client base with each order your customers place. This can assist you in improving customer satisfaction and in long-term customer retention, leading to more profitability over time and creating an environment in which you can more easily accomplish your mission.

Experian Data Quality works within the My Account address book as well as checkout billing and shipping touch points to provide Magento address validation with each customer transaction. Every time an address is added to or updated in your system, Experian Data Quality validates address accuracy with no interaction with the customer. The Magento ZIP code validation and address verification is automatic, providing your clients with a seamless ordering process, and it enables them to give you only the most accurate information without any additional effort on their part.

Product highlights:

  • Real-time address verification and standardization
  • Immediate Magento ZIP code validation
  • Intuitive address search engine and data prompts
  • USPS® and Canada Post data

QAS for Magento leverages the Experian Data Quality On Demand platform and verification best practice code for quality address validation. Magento users can be assured that the functionality is compatible with all website customizations, and Magento clients can be sure that address verification effectively and efficiently moves customers through the address capture process in every interaction with the customer and client base.

How it works

Experian Data Quality's data quality integration allows you to validate address, email and phone data in real time during check out. This allows you to avoid undeliverable orders by validating address data and ensuring a streamlined communication with customers by validating email and phone data.

1. Email validation

The users email address is validated in real time. The response code is fully customizeable and can be configured to correct the email address if the user types a common mispelling. For example our service will update to

Magento email validation

2. Phone validation

Similiar to email, a user's phone number is validated in real time. This service can be configured to standardize international phone numbers as well as flag when a number is a landline vs. mobile number. 

Magento phone validation

Want to learn more? Download the product sheet

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