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How Chief Data Officers Are Driving Business Impact

As the newest member of the C-suite, the Chief Data Officer (CDO) continues to be a hot topic. While the role is relatively new to many organizations, the value a CDO adds is widely acknowledged by other C-level executives.

People are curious to understand the longevity of the position and the impact they are having on the industry. In their annual survey, Gartner surveyed 287 CDOs, CAOs and other senior data and analytics leaders to understand the ever-evolving role.

Download Gartner’s recent survey analysis, "How Chief Data Officers Are Driving Business Impact," to understand key takeaways from this year’s results, including:

  • How CDOs are playing a critical role in digital transformation
  • A look at the CDOs strongest allies in the C-suite
  • The responsibility of the CDO to drive change within their organizations
  • Recommendations for data and analytics programs


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