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Why Midsize Enterprises Need a Chief Data Officer

Data is recognized as a valuable business asset but many still struggle to realize its full value. To help solve this gap, we are seeing an increase in the adoption of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) role.

According to Experian research, 82% of CIOs believe there is a compelling case to hire a CDO. Furthermore, we found that the primary drivers for a CDO include capitalizing on big data opportunities, creating a competitive advantage through data, and providing a consistent approach to de-risk data driven projects.

But the importance of this data leadership isn’t just limited to enterprise businesses, the mid-market needs to maximize their use of data as well.

In their new report, "Why Midsize Enterprises Need a Chief Data Officer," Gartner explains:

  • Key responsibilities your CDO should have
  • Recommendations for ways to get value quickly from your data
  • Strategic planning assumptions for the future

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Gartner: Why Midsize Enterprises Need a Chief Data Officer, Alan D. Duncan 22 June 2018.