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Advancing operational efficiency with Experian’s Aperture Data Studio


Data strategy and management is an essential part of Experian’s operations. With vast amounts of customer data, ensuring quality data is at the heart of our business and, to do so, our Enterprise Data Management team leads major data initiatives like a master data management program and manages our CRM tool for Experian’s Global division.

Experian’s Enterprise Data Management team is constantly managing inbound requests from the business—marketing, integrated sales, and more. Requests come in all shapes and sizes, from identifying active and inactive customers, building out campaigns, client segmentation, defining target markets to transforming data to be business-ready, ensuring accuracy through hard coding, this team’s expertise is the innerworkings of Experian’s Global data.

Joe Marconi, Senior Director of Enterprise Master Data Management, and his team’s primary objective is to ensure the CRM data is accurate, standardized, de-duplicated, and validated as it enters Salesforce. Accuracy is at the center of this operation so the team can pull exact reports and ensure the validity of our own customer data.


Experian’s Data Management team was using a high-cost tool that could no longer support the full function of the team—the product couldn’t connect to APIs and multiple databases nor standardize contact data from different countries or languages. As a fundamental player in Experian’s Global operation, the data team was looking for a tool that could verify addresses across different countries, handle the breadth of data requests the team gets, and connect to multiple databases, while saving the team time and costs.

At the same time, Experian’s Data Quality (EDQ) division was building a new data quality management solution that could meet the needs of an evolving market, which would also fit the needs of the Global team. The data team implemented Experian Aperture Data Studio, the data quality management tool, and began their collaborative partnership with the Data Quality division to guide the tool’s development for market.

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With Experian Aperture Data Studio being a self-service, data quality and enrichment platform, the data team can implement and use the tool on their own time and create a centralized location for all data to be continuously monitored, cleansed, profiled, matched, enriched, and harmonized for exact reporting.

Experian Aperture Data Studio also allows the data team to create custom and reusable workflows with administrative rights to ensure data accessibility across the team and business, while maintaining data accuracy.

To help with the team’s need for global data reporting, this new data quality management tool can standardize data in multiple languages including, English, Chinese, Japanese, Nordic, and more. Having the ability to connect to APIs and pull data from multiple databases helps the team streamline operations while enhancing data from several parts of the world.


Overall, the team has easily integrated Experian Aperture Data Studio into their workflow as the function of the tool is logical and the look and feel makes it appealing. With flexible functionality, the data management team has naturally introduced the tool into their in-depth, data-driven operation.

A partnership with Experian means users can get access to vast amounts of enriched data including, buyer propensity, financial data, automotive data, and more. This partnership also means gaining access to data from sources like USPS, Royal Mail, and other global entities, email, and phone providers to validate data within the data quality management tool. By implementing these capabilities into Experian Aperture Data Studio, Experian’s Enterprise Data Management team and other departments across the Global function are confident in the records entering Salesforce and reporting capabilities.

Joe Marconi, Senior Director of Enterprise Master Data Management, says , “Experian Aperture Data Studio enables my team to deliver greater value more rapidly to our stakeholders. With flexible and shareable workflows, we can generate business reports across the globe, knowing the data is always accurate.”

Experian Aperture Data Studio also supports the execution of both large and small data jobs with a focus on performance and scale, giving users full control of their projects and reporting capabilities.

Experian Aperture Data Studio evolves with customer needs by leveraging machine learning to automate and enhance the user experience and provides a single platform to make data fit for purpose.

Experian Aperture Data Studio will help you promote data usage across your business, transforming your data-driven program.

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