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Wealthiest ZIP Codes in America

We all know who the icons of new wealth are - the Bill Gateses of America, if you will - but do you know where, in each state, the rich and powerful seclude themselves? Experian Data Quality, leading provider of data management services, gathered the address data and applied data append for income data and organized it all into what we think you'll find to be a fascinating little graphic. In the first portion, you'll find a map of the United States broken down into regions and then further into states. For each state, we've listed the top three wealthiest ZIP codes along with the number of tax returns filed in them and the average income reported by their residents. And if that data only whets your appetite, then feast your eyes along the graphic's bottom edge to find a second breakdown of the 100 highest tax-paying ZIP codes in America. You might be surprised to see how widely reported incomes vary, as well as how small some ZIP codes are. We think this infographic opens a portal for plenty of worthwhile discussion. What conclusions can you draw?

Embed this infographic on your site:

Embed this infographic on your site:

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