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Renewing your Experian Data Quality licence

You have a dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure you're getting the best possible use out of your products and seeing return on your investment.

A member of the Customer Success team will be in touch throughout the year to advise you, keep you up to date and assist with any changing needs in preparation for your product licence renewal. This way, you will continue to see the benefits from your products year on year.

The Renewals process:

  1. You will receive a renewal notification form 120 days prior to your licence expiry date. 

  2. Upon receipt, you are advised to review:
    - User numbers are correct
    - Application name is correct

  3. You will be contacted in advance to discuss your renewal and to answer any questions you may have.

  4. You will need to sign and return the renewal notification form, with a purchase order if required, by the stated due date via e-mail or post.

  5. You will need to give no less than 90 days’ notice if you wish to terminate or amend your licences.

  6. You will receive an invoice within 1 month of renewing your licences.

For any further information, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Topping up your clicks:

  1. If you are low on clicks, or have run out, you will need to contact your Customer Success Manager to purchase more.

  2. Once you have purchased your clicks, they will need to be added to your server. Please see our 30 second webinar below on how to do this.

  3. Also included in this 30 second webinar is a guide to checking the number of clicks you have remaining and how to transfer between servers.

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