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Supplier Information

Experian Data Quality is part of Experian Ltd and we therefore work closely with Experian's Global Sourcing and Purchasing Teams.

Experian's Global Sourcing team are responsible for the procurement of products and services that support the Experian businesses around the world. The Sourcing Teams are based regionally in both the Americas and Europe and work closely together to maximise the value delivered to Experian from its supply base.


1. I have been asked to submit signed terms and conditions, which ones are applicable?

Experian Data Quality's standard contractual documents are available from the Experian Sourcing team. Alternatively, contact us with any additional queries.

2. I have received an Experian Data Quality purchase order referencing the standard supplier terms and conditions - where are these and which ones are relevant to me?

Experian Data Quality standard contractual documents are available from the Experian Sourcing team. In the absence of an alternative signed contract these are the terms and conditions upon which Experian Data Quality purchases goods and services. The document titles should be self-explanatory but some guidance is set out below:

Agreement for Purchase of Goods: relevant to all supplies of goods to Experian Data Quality.

Agreement for Purchase of Services: relevant to all supplies of services or goods and services to Experian Data Quality.

Agreement for Purchase of Services from Managing Agents and Consultancy Firms: relevant to all recruitment services provided to Experian Data Quality

Please e-mail us at with any additional queries.

3. I am unclear on Experian Data Quality's payment terms, can you please explain these?

Our payment terms are confirmed in our standard terms and conditions.

Generally speaking we can confirm and commit that we will pay for any goods and services no later than the last day of the month following the month in which we receives a correct invoice from the Supplier. We aim to pay all correct invoices within 30 days of the date of invoice where possible but we can't commit to this exact timeframe.

For the avoidance of doubt, if you do not include in an invoice the information specified in the agreed contract schedule, or if the amount invoiced is otherwise inaccurate, then such an invoice will not be correct.

4. Does Experian have a 'preferred supplier list'?

Experian maintains a list of vendors with whom we have agreed pricing and terms and conditions. These are called Experian approved vendors.

5. How do I become an approved vendor?

In the first instance, please provide us with information in writing relating to the products/services that your company can offer, along with any supporting documentation. Please e-mail this to

6. I have emailed you the necessary information to be considered as an Experian approved supplier, what happens next?

We will review the information that you have provided and contact you in due course, should the services that you supply be required. We reserve the right to select suppliers who meet our requirements in the sourcing process. We cannot and will not promise to conduct business with all suppliers. If you do not hear back from us you can assume that we have no suitable opportunities for you at this time.

7. Are the Experian Supply Chain Principles and Corporate Responsibility pages relevant to me?

These pages are relevant to all suppliers to the Experian Group (including Experian Data Quality suppliers).