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Yearly Archives: 2011

Why tiramisu is like data integration

Derek Munro 4 minute read Data quality

The hours of planning and preparation had been worth it, we had all enjoyed a delicious meal. I joined my wife in th

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Experian Pandora uncovers what lies beneath your data

Derek Munro 2 minute read Data quality

As part of a customer software evaluation process we analysed some of their data live as they watched.

So I chose three of my favourite questions:

1. What is wrong with the data everyone thinks can’t be wrong?
2. What is lurking in the “comments” fields?
3. Where does the word “test” appear in the various application systems?

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Talking data governance to the insurance sector

Derek Munro 2 minute read Data quality, Data governance

Joining forces with Logica, we revealed some of our Data Governance Best Practices to almost 100 representatives of the London insurance market today, at a meeting of Insurance Data Standards organisation.

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Data quality is the biggest challenge in meeting Basel III requirements

Katie Slattery 2 minute read Data quality

A strong focus on data quality will be necessary for financial institutions set to be affected by the Basel III legislation.

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