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Monthly Archives: December 2013

8 Hurdles of a Data Migration

Janani Dumbleton 6 minute read Data migration, Data quality

Did you know that 38% of data migration projects fail?*

While this statistic represents a bleak picture of wasted effort leading to a drain on resource and budget, it is important to note that a data migration is a challenging project and the risk involved is high. However, being aware of the common hurdles that could potentially derail your project will increase the likelihood of achieving a smooth transition of data to your new system.

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Making the move - Experian QAS to Experian Data Quality

David Struth 3 minute read Data quality

You’ve probably noticed we’ve got a new name. So, whilst we fight over the last few branded coffee mugs, pens and reminisce of the old QuickAddress days, we’ll also be celebrating our new name ‘Experian Data Quality.’

But why are we doing this?

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