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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Post-Migration Data Quality Launchpad

Data Migration projects offer a unique opportunity for organisations to initiate the launch of a data quality management initiative that can survive long after the termination of the migration project.

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Executives admit data management needs work

Executives are well aware of the value that comes with data and analytics in the digital age but a significant number are not yet delivering a programme that is effective and well managed.

According to new research from KPMG, a whopping 96 per cent of businesses admit that at present they are not managing this asset in a successful way, with 85 per cent struggling to overcome challenges when extracting insight.

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Help, I’ve got OCDQ!

Here at Experian Data Quality I am a Business Analyst so on a daily basis I spend my time analysing vast amounts of data. I love data so looking at spreadsheets and turning higgledy piggledy information into meaningful insights, is well my perfect job.
I have always been a perfectionist. But over time this has changed and adapted as I have moved through my working life. Over the last year or so my compulsion has taken on a new form

Data Quality.

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Reality Check

As I sat in a central London conference room in the run-up to the Experian Data Quality master class event I found myself scanning the name badges of those sitting closest to me. It surprised me to see how frequently the word ‘data’ featured in the participant’s job titles. There were Data Systems Designers, Data Improvement Managers, Brand Data Managers, Customer Data Co-ordinators, just to name a few.

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Get your emails fit this New Year

Christmas has been and gone, but the remorse of our over indulgence is sadly still with us.

But now it’s 2014. We feel inspired. Our determination has no limits. We will become fitter and healthier. We will become the best possible versions of ourselves.

Well, maybe not quite.

If like me you probably won’t be brushing the cobwebs off your trainers this January, perhaps you can ensure a healthy email sender reputation instead.

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