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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Experian Pandora Data Migration Channel

We have created a new Data Migration Channel, allowing those with an interest in data migration to obtain expert insight from world-class authors and practitioners. The Data Migration Channel features exclusive webinars, articles, podcasts and interviews from some of the top industry experts in the field of data migration. Each week the Data Migration Channel sends a link to the next expert content in the series.

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Big data is finally paying off

Big data is a key asset that boosts business productivity and delivers competitive advantage, according to Deloitte.

The professional services firm said that technology is finally paying off, helping ease any apprehension about its deployment. It explained that many organisations have struggled to find a solid link between the initial investment in data and subsequent profit margins.

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Practical Data Migration Budgeting Tips

Data migration budgeting and forecasting is one of the most overlooked activities on data migration projects. It’s one of the reasons why so many projects overrun or go over budget – they simply lacked the correct budgeting approach from the outset.

As part of our Data Migration Channel (a free educational series with guest experts) we have focused on every aspect of data migration strategy and in Week 7 of the channel one of the team interviewed Dylan Jones to discover his tips for data migration budgeting

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How and when data is compromised

The independent research consultancy Dynamic Markets revealed last year that 99 per cent of organisations have now implemented a data strategy programme, which is a crucial development in the modern world.

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Chief Data Officers to become more visible

Data is growing at an exponential rate, with the International Data Corporation estimating that sales of technologies and services in this area will grow by 30 per cent in 2014 alone.

McKinsey & Company describes the proliferation of data as exploding, adding that in the future, as a standard, effective utilisation of this asset will become a "key basis of competition".

Aware of this, organisations all over the world are generating, accessing and engaging with an extensive range of data, which is, along with the growing realisation that expertise is decidedly lacking, is "driving the need for chief data officers (CDOs)".

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Interest in CRM is growing

Customer Relationship Management, better known in acronym form as CRM, is extremely important in these days. In a digital age, where organisations are trying to do more with less, it is vital that audiences are successfully engaged. CRM ensures that this is done to the highest and most effective standard.

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Tips for your Data Quality Business Case

"How do I build a successful business case for data quality?"

This is a frequent question I hear from businesses at our data quality events and seminars. However, in an age where data quality has climbed up the corporate agenda, it mystifies me why this seems a recurring topic.

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The Well-Oiled Data Machine

Our new infographic 'The Well-Oiled Data Machine' illustrates some of our key findings from the Experian Data Quality 2014 Global Research report.

Whilst 99% of organisations understand the importance of having clean and refined data, organisations are still experiencing data inefficiencies and malfunctions. Data is the oil that keeps the business cogs turning, however businesses will only have good quality outputs if the data going in is fit for purpose. Lack of data quality control can result in business inefficiencies, poor customer service and inaccurate insights.


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