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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Email Validation isn't Rocket Science

Campbell Scott 3 minute read Data quality

When reading the results of the Experian Data Quality Global Research Survey, something suddenly hit me, like a wet fish, slapped right across my face.

Why are organisations still using manual methods to clean their contact database?

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Data at the heart of smart data technology trends

Katie Slattery 2 minute read Data quality

'Smart data' is at the heart of many of the top ten strategic technology trends that will define 'smart government'.

Analysts at Gartner have compiled a list of notable developments that it believes will drive innovation in all areas of government, buoyed by what is known as the 'nexus of forces' (social, mobile, cloud and information).

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What are the Key Drivers for a Data Quality Strategy?

99% of organisations have a data quality strategy in place1 and collectively 78% of large British companies will invest in data quality techniques during 2014, with 51% investing in areas that they currently don’t invest in already. Clearly this demonstrates that data quality strategies are high up on the agenda of the majority of organisations.2

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Government can make 'real change with big data'

Katie Slattery 2 minute read Data quality

The government can do so much more to deliver better, more effective and tailored services to UK citizens if it invests more in big data and analytics, says an expert.

Speaking at an event organised by EMC and Policy Exchange, Paul Maltby, director of open data and government innovation at the Cabinet Office, explained that politicians should look to the private sector for inspiration.

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