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Monthly Archives: July 2014

How to Make the Case for a Data Quality Tool over SQL

Dylan Jones 5 minute read Data quality

On a recent presentation I delivered as a guest of Experian Data Quality I was asked the following question:

“What is the business case for using Data Quality tools over a SQL based approach?”

This is one of those timeless questions I get asked frequently so I wanted to provide a series of steps to help you arrive at the right answer.

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How does your Email Validate vendor measure up?

An email validation tool can be essential for an organisation, but what should you be looking for when comparing vendors?

Every marketer knows that each customer email address they have is valuable, but what they may not know is that just one bad egg can stop an effective campaign from reaching the target audience.

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The Data Quality Formula

Georgina Adamson 2 minute read Data quality

Every year we commission research to find out about the latest happenings in the data quality market.

This new infographic ‘The Data Quality Formula’ shows the key findings from large British organisations when it comes to the way they manage their data assets.

The infographic demonstrates that for organisations to really get to grips with their data they must incorporate ‘The Rule of 3.’ Without the 3 key elements to the formula, Detection, Analysis and Resolution, the equation cannot be solved.

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Data management cuts costs

Katie Slattery 2 minute read Data quality

The issue of data quality is increasingly becoming recognised as an investment priority as companies are beginning to understand how it can impact several areas across the business, including strategic decision making, cost control and regulatory risk reduction.

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Leverage your data to help you expand into International Markets

Katie Slattery 3 minute read Data quality

The opportunity of international expansion is becoming a much more feasible and viable option for UK businesses. As stable growth returns to our economy, looking to expand across the waters can be an enticing prospect.

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