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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Are you a data game changer?

Johny Morris 4 minute read Data migration, Data quality

What can us Data Migration guys teach our friends in the Data Management community about how to get their Data Quality projects up and running? What do we get in return?

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What Data Governance roles do you need to make your Data Quality initiative a success?

In my last blog I shared a couple of questions I frequently get asked about data governance around whether data governance is the same as data quality and if you need both. When I have convinced the organisations that I am working with that they do indeed need both, one of the most common questions I am asked is:

What data governance roles do we need to make our data quality initiative a success?

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SaaS data quality 'coming to the fore'

Georgina Adamson 2 minute read Data quality

Organisations recognise the need to invest in data quality solutions - and upgrade legacy technology periodically - but sometimes budgets are tight. There is only so much finance available for capital projects, and this can see firms put key initiatives on the back-burner.

It can cost significant sums to buy, deploy and manage technology in-house. Initially you have to meet the outright purchase and installation costs, and then there is operational expenditure in terms of energy consumption and the expertise needed to manage the technology.

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How to improve data collection across multiple departments

Dylan Jones 4 minute read Data governance, Data quality

Following on from my recent Experian Data Quality webinar appearance, I wanted once again to respond to one of the many questions posted by attendees during the session.

This week I’m sharing some tips for one attendee who wanted to know how to improve their data collection approach across multiple departments of the organisation.

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Firms are spending more on data loss prevention

Katie Slattery 2 minute read Data quality

Do organisations fully understand the importance of safeguarding data?

A report from ABI Research suggests the message is getting through to business leaders.

With firms worried about the prospect of financial penalties and reputational damage should they suffer a data management breach, more are taking the steps necessary to safeguard their information.

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How to Create an Effective Data Quality Team - Interview with Jim Harris of OCDQ Blog

Derek Munro 2 minute read Data quality

One of the questions we were asked by a recent client was ‘how can we take our data quality team to the next level and improve our effectiveness?’.
We put this question to Jim Harris, leading expert on Data Quality and blogger-in-chief of the well known

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Is Data Governance the same as Data Quality?

I have been helping organisations implement Data Governance for the past eleven years and in my role as The Data Governance Coach, I’m often asked numerous questions about Data Governance.

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