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Monthly Archives: November 2014

The Dawn of the Chief Data Officer

Louise Read 3 minute read Data quality

The exponential growth of data has proved a growing challenge for businesses across all sectors, but also an increasing opportunity. New research shows that 90% of those surveyed believe data has changed the way organisations are doing business.

UK businesses are realising the strategic value of data as a competitive differentiator, a customer experience enhancer as well as a direct influencer of revenue. In order to make this a reality businesses are under increasing pressure to provide reliable and consistent data that is accessible corporate wide. Often by default rather than design, this responsibility has fallen on the shoulders of Chief Information Officers (CIOs).

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Data Migration - as easy as moving from A to B?

Mark Southwell 4 minute read Data migration, Data quality

So you are looking to migrate data from one system to another and the business thinks it’s as easy as copy and pasting from one spread sheet to another and is often an afterthought at the end of a CRM migration. I simplify perhaps, but that’s what it feels like some management and non-technical people think. Trying to explain why data migration can be complicated and fraught with peril is like trying to bash a square peg into a round hole. Sometimes only failure can open people’s eyes.

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