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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Overcoming the data migration challenge

Derek Munro 5 minute read Data migration, Data quality

Data migration is an extremely common, business-critical task. So it may come as a surprise to learn how many companies experience considerable challenges when executing such projects. A recent study commissioned by Experian Data Quality* showed that 9 out of ten businesses engage in data migration projects and as many as 85% experience significant problems managing them.

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The role of technology in empowering the CIO and CDO office

*As featured by Computing

With data moving higher up the business agenda we’re seeing pressure mounting on those responsible to deliver on its demands. As a result, a number of challenges have emerged for both Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Chief Data Officers (CDO) alike, caused by a lack of suitable technology that’s ultimately having a time and cost impact on resources, their ability to support each other and deliver on data strategy.

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Data Quality Analytics: “Following the Rabbit”

Derek Munro 5 minute read Data profiling

*As featured by Information Age - insights and analysis for IT leaders

According to recent research, organisations that proactively manage data as an asset with a joined up approach to data quality, are the ones that reap its full strategic value. Furthermore, although 93% say they are actively trying to find and resolve data quality issues, they also feel that a massive 23% of revenue is still being wasted due to poor quality data.

The good news is that I believe technology can provide a solution, helping organisations achieve better results, quicker, thanks to learning from the experiences in other areas of Information Management.

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