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Monthly Archives: February 2016

How to find the right data owners for your governance programme?

I presented at a Data Governance Roundtable for Experian Data Quality, where most people involved were doing their first ever data governance implementation. The main talking point - how do you find the right data owner?

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Was data preparation simply an S.E.P. (Somebody Else’s Problem)?

Derek Munro 5 minute read Data preparation, Data quality

Having acquired a taste for self-service in the world of BI and reporting, business people want more. Now, self-service data preparation offers organisations a chance to be yet more agile while avoiding some infrastructure and technical specialist costs. In this article I will explain where I think this new market has come from, why it is relevant to all organisations, and where the benefits can be seen. In a subsequent article I will list some of the things to look for in a self-service data preparation solution.

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Get intimate with your customer this Valentine’s Day; a data-driven competitive advantage

Alannah Wood 5 minute read Data profiling, Data quality

With love in the air there has never been a better time to get more intimate with your customer. Using this romantic season as a muse I’d like to show you a more data-driven solution to customer care. 

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The continued need for impact assessment in data migration

Dylan Jones 4 minute read Data migration, Data quality

At the Experian Data Migration Roundtable, we saw two very clear themes emerge. Firstly, the need for an impact assessment before starting a data migration project and secondly, on using data migration as a design for data protection. So in Part 1 I’d like to kick off with a detailed look into our discussions around impact assessment.

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Building blocks to creating an email validation business case

In a fourth installment of her email validation series, Sophie gives some top tips to anyone looking to put together a business case for email validation. You can read about how to ensure that you're able to relate the potential benefits of email validation back to key strategic goals in a clear and quantifiable way that meets the requirements of the decision maker.

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