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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Addresses, Addresses & more Addresses

Paul Malyon 4 minute read Address validation, Data quality

“Why is my new home not on ‘Grocery Website X’? I can’t get my shopping delivered!”

“Why do I keep getting the water bill for the flat downstairs?” (Or on the flip side, “Why am I not getting any water bills?”)

To solve these problems, Royal Mail offer two additional datasets that enhance the Postcode Address File - PAF®

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Collaboration and GDPR – high on the Data Practitioners agenda

From past lessons learned to future possible outcomes, users of Experian Pandora face unique and shared challenges. When we got them together, this is what they said…

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Healthy data enables healthy patients

Alia Shakir 6 minute read Data quality

It is well known that we all rely on data to make decisions, all day every day. However, starting a job at Experian at the same time as being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes brought this to the front of my mind with the big role data plays in managing my illness. I therefore thought it would be interesting to bring the importance of data in healthcare to life, through my own recent experiences.

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