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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Understand the key data priorities and challenges faced by marketers in 2016

Louise Read 3 minute read Data quality

Explore the key data management priorities and challenges faced by marketers from Experian’s 2016 Digital marketers report. Including achieving a Single Customer View and greater quality of data.

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Summertime, seasonal, sending

Seasonality of email campaigns is something every marketer should not only be aware of, but should already be executing on. With August being peak season for British holiday makers,  this ‘summer sale season’ is the prime time for email marketers to grab the attention of their subscribers – especially as competition with the sales will be so high.

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Experian Pandora’s Profiling Secret: Say Goodbye to Sampling

Jim Williams 5 minute read Data profiling, Data quality

Most free tools will only profile and analyse a sample of your data – but not ours. Profiling 25,000 records of 1 million will not identify all data issues, you need to profile all 1 million.

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