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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Overcoming the 3 obstacles of Open Data

Paul Malyon 3 minute read Data quality

Open Data is growing in importance as commercial organisations see value in this data for their own purposes. However, with budgets under ever increasing strain, high quality Open Data has become harder to produce. During our recent study with the Open Data Institute, we identified the 3 key obstacles to creating high quality Open Data.

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Your favourite data topics of 2016

With 2017 underway, we decided to have a look back at what data subjects proved most popular with you during 2016. Below are our 5 most popular articles from last year covering data migrations – hurdles to avoid and approaches to consider; measuring data quality and the 6 key dimensions for assessment; data governance responsibilities for data quality success and of course GDPR, perhaps one of the most talked about data subjects of 2016.  See if you missed any of the key talking points. 

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How the younger generation is shaping data protection

Louise Read 5 minute read Data protection

“Social [Media] is dead” – according to one keynote speaker at the DMA’s recent Data Protection Update, sponsored by Experian. At this event there were a range of business leaders and experts speaking about data management strategies but this statement really grabbed my attention. 

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