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What were the 5 most read topics on our blog in 2017?

With 2018 now alive and kicking, I decided to take a look back at what subjects on our blog proved most popular last year. With the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) fast approaching in May, interest in data regulation has unsurprisingly jumped up the list, but read on to find out what other subjects piqued your curiosity and delve into some of the best articles of 2017.

5) Data Cleansing

Kicking off our top 5 countdown is the theme of data cleansing. Accurate and up to date data forms a large part of the upcoming GDPR. Combine this with the ever-increasing demand for a smooth customer journey that only a Single Customer View can provide and you can see why data cleansing remains a very popular subject.

Our 5 Top Tips for a successful data cleansing project gives a great overview of how to get the best out of your initiative and was a popular article over the course of 2017. However, if you are specifically interested in the accuracy of your contact data – make sure you catch our look at the importance of address, email and mobile verification (particularly over the festive period).

4) Data Profiling

The explosion in the amount of data that any organisation holds shows no sign of slowing down but understanding how the power of data can be harnessed is a challenge facing many organisations. Data profiling is therefore pivotal for driving useful insights from your data as well as creating data quality rules – both of which turn your data into a key asset for your business. It seems the importance of profiling isn’t being lost on most people, with it being our fourth most popular subject.

Our look at how the proliferation of data is driving fantastic opportunities but also serious barriers was a really popular data profiling blog in 2017. There was also a lot of interest in how Schroders made improvements to their data through their quality initiatives.

3) Data Regulations

As you (we are hoping!) already know, the GDPR is coming into force on 25th May 2018 – so it’s no surprise to see that the data regulations category was our third most popular in 2017. As the deadline gets closer, it is vital to prepare your business’ personal data for the new changes that come into force, including Subject Access Requests and the Right to Erasure.

It was great to see so many readers keen to understand the great opportunity that the GDPR can bring to organisations - with 8 ways GDPR can help boost your business one of the most popular regulation-focussed articles. We also saw lots of interest in the summary of our latest research looking at consumer and organisational attitudes towards the GDPR and finally the 10 questions you should be asking in order to best prepare for it.

2) Data Migration

Recent research shows that only 46% of data migrations are delivered on time, and only 36% of projects keep to the forecasted budget. With the number not falling, this has driven a lot of engagement with our data migration based articles – with the subject our second most read.

Areas of data migration that have proven the most popular over 2017 include the 8 hurdles of the average data migration, how to tackle the data migration cleansing challenge as well as the 3 steps we would recommend you take to make your next migration easier. These always prove popular because there’s some great, actionable advice around making the processes easier. 

1) Data Governance

Aaaannnnnd our winner for 2017 is Data Governance! The GDPR, a bigger need for an integrated data quality strategy and the increased prominence of positions such as Chief Data Officers have all helped to drive more interest in data governance than ever before. As organisations appreciate the necessity for a well thought-out, proactive approach to governing their data, we will begin to see more positive data-driven business opportunities than ever before.

The popularity of our data governance articles mirrors this nicely, with our pieces on roles within data governance, the difference between data governance and data quality as well as advice on how to get buy-in to your data governance framework all sitting at the top of the most-read list.

So there you have it - our 5 most read blog subjects of 2017. Looking ahead to 2018 we'll be focussing on the hottest topics in the industry to give you even more of what you want as well as some areas you may not have even thought of yet.

Our blog exists to give different perspectives from our subject matter experts on an array of topics, from data management thought leadership, right through to what initiatives we’re running to make customers’ lives easier. We’re always keen to offer advice and help so if there’s a topic you’d like to hear about, why not let us know? Alternatively - you can sign up to our Insights Newsletter to be kept up to date with our latest blogs.