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Agile Data Management


Derek Munro 1 minute read Data quality

In a whitepaper which calls for a more agile stance for the development of data management rules, independent analysts Bloor Research have praised Experian Pandora for providing an agile approach to data management, helping companies avoid the issues that lead to overrunning, delayed or cancelled projects.

Experian Pandora offers an agile approach to the development of data quality rules and transformations known as data prototyping: build a rule, execute and test it, refine it, test it again and so on, getting users involved in acceptance testing whenever it is appropriate.

The data prototyping is built on top of Experian Pandora's industry-leading data profiling and data dscovery capa­bilities, essential for understanding the relationships that exist within the data.

Philip Howard of Bloor on agile data management:

"In the same way that agile development allows a programmer to validate their work as they develop, prototyping allows the incremental validation of the specification of rules during their development by the subject matter ex­perts. This is achieved by interactively studying and even profiling the data, which results from the application of each (part of a) rule."