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An Experian Pandora user named as a ‘Data Quality Programme Leader’ in the 2015 Data IQ Talent Awards


Nic Gates 3 minute read Data quality


We are pleased to announce that this year’s Data IQ talent award for ‘Data quality programme leader’ was awarded to our very own Experian Pandora user, Paul Hennessy from Aldermore.

The worthy winner of this incredible award created and implemented a transformational data governance and quality program; ensuring Aldermore has the data it needs to deliver on key strategic activity. Paul has put data quality on the agenda at board level and the company has moved significantly up the data quality maturity curve.

Upon receiving the award, Paul said

“I was delighted to win the award.  I am very appreciative of the knowledge and insight that Experian Pandora provides as well as the assistance received from the team at Experian Data Quality and Janani in particular – all of which provided and continues to provide to us invaluable support”

As a modern, legacy free bank, Aldermore is made up around distinct customer groups each one catering different data structures specific to the operational needs of each business area. This independence was however impacting on the ability of wider business functions to deliver important strategic activity such as regulation, compliance, reporting and customer interactions.

Recognising the challenge this posed, Aldermore tasked Paul with creating a program that would combine all the data within the business in order to make it accurate and consistent for use by business-wide applications, now and in the future.

Paul defined nine key competencies and assessed them against an industry standard capability maturity curve and created a roadmap of initiatives to move towards an optimised approach. Amongst the competencies, important ones were:

  • Policy
  • Stewardship of roles
  • Data quality management
  • Reporting

Creating a data quality community at all levels has been instrumental. Championed by a director level Data Quality Council, Paul’s team promote best-practise and roll-out the program through leadership for stewards, training and support. Reporting also is a critical function both upwards to the Council and also to stewards in their individual areas.

The Experian Pandora data quality tool was chosen as the most appropriate technology. It offers agile, sophisticated functionality that makes complex data analysis straightforward and supports the creation of data rules to run the reporting that he needs to monitor long term data quality thresholds. In addition it can take in business data and PAF files and make sure that addresses are correct, in the right fields and that correct SIC codes are logged for reporting and compliance purposes.

In just one year Aldermore has a progressive data quality program in place and is moving steadily up the data quality maturity curve. It is meeting key objectives by ensuring consistent data quality throughout the organisation for business critical strategic activity.  Furthermore it is establishing a data driven culture that aligns to Aldermore’s key principal - to challenge the established view of what banking should be.

Aldermore’s data governance and quality program illustrates how a forward-thinking organisation can reap the rewards of implementing a well-defined and managed program.

We are very happy for Paul – a very worthy winner of such an award and wish him all the best as he continues on his data quality and data governance journey.