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Georgina Adamson

Georgina has worked at Experian Data Quality for nearly 5 years and is one of our dedicated marketers. Georgina knows that as a marketer, data is one of her most important assets and that success depends on understanding her customers in depth. When Georgina isn’t talking data, she’s most likely talking fashion, interior design or exploring the latest sights and venues London has to offer.

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Alan Agnew

Alan is Experian Data Quality's Senior Sales Specialist for our Data Management Platform, Experian Pandora. Alan has a wealth of experience supporting business leaders achieve their strategic goals by leveraging the power of their data.

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Sophie Armitage

Sophie has worked for Experian Data Quality for 3 years, has experience working across all verticals and is our resident email enthusiast. Last year she was co-opted into the DMA Rising Stars Programme and now sits as a member of the DMA Email Council.

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Guest Editor: Nicola Askham

The Data Governance coach Nicola Askham is an independent data management consultant. Her experience in coaching both regulatory and non-regulatory organisations to design and implement full data governance frameworks, is unique within the data governance field. The coaching approach enables organisations to self-manage the process beyond initial implementation.

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Russell Berry

Working as a subject matter expert within Experian to understand business' data related challenges and provide solutions using Experian's software, data and services. Russell specialises in Data Quality, Data Governance, Data Migration, Data Integration, Data Onboarding and SCV Creation.

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