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Campbell Scott

Glasgow born Campbell joined Experian Data Quality in 2013 managing the new Experian email validation service in the UK&I. He has a principle focus on ensuring that email remains a secure, relevant and core means of business communication with customers as well as identifying other areas in which email can play a vital role in more sensitive, compliance and regulatory driven sectors.

How does your Email Validate vendor measure up?

3 minute read Data quality, Email verification

An email validation tool can be essential for an organisation, but what should you be looking for when comparing vendors?

Every marketer knows that each customer email address they have is valuable, but what they may not know is that just one bad egg can stop an effective campaign from reaching the target audience.

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Email Validation isn't Rocket Science

3 minute read Data quality

When reading the results of the Experian Data Quality Global Research Survey, something suddenly hit me, like a wet fish, slapped right across my face.

Why are organisations still using manual methods to clean their contact database?

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Email Validation isn't just for Marketers

3 minute read Data quality, Email verification

It has often been said that the need to validate email addresses is primarily a tool for marketers. With email being one of the most successful channels for marketers, this is of course very true. However, when you look at other areas such as where compliance and risk are a principle focus, you can see some other obvious fits.

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