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Dagna Oliwa

Dagna is a recent addition to the Experian Data Quality marketing team. She joins with over 6 years’ experience in Telecoms and IT marketing. As a former CRM administrator Dagna has first-hand experience of bad quality data and the implications it can have. Outside of working hours, Dagna enjoys blogging, running and getting musical.

Partners – Accelerate Your Business Now

3 minute read Data quality

I recently interviewed Alister Humphreys, Marketing & Sales Director at Experian Data Quality about our renewed partner focus and the new initiatives coming in 2014 for our partner community.

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Reality Check

3 minute read Data governance, Data migration, Data quality

As I sat in a central London conference room in the run-up to the Experian Data Quality master class event I found myself scanning the name badges of those sitting closest to me. It surprised me to see how frequently the word ‘data’ featured in the participant’s job titles. There were Data Systems Designers, Data Improvement Managers, Brand Data Managers, Customer Data Co-ordinators, just to name a few.

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