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Derek Munro

Derek Munro is Head of Product Strategy at Experian Data Quality. He has nearly 30 year’s experience in data quality management, designing and implementing data quality technology. Following the partnership between X88 Software and Experian Data Quality, Derek will lead the product development of our best in class data quality management solution.

Was data preparation simply an S.E.P. (Somebody Else’s Problem)?

5 minute read Data preparation, Data quality

Having acquired a taste for self-service in the world of BI and reporting, business people want more. Now, self-service data preparation offers organisations a chance to be yet more agile while avoiding some infrastructure and technical specialist costs. In this article I will explain where I think this new market has come from, why it is relevant to all organisations, and where the benefits can be seen. In a subsequent article I will list some of the things to look for in a self-service data preparation solution.

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How to plan a comprehensive data migration

4 minute read Data migration, Data quality

In the wake of our November Data Migration Roundtable, our presenter, Derek Munro, shares his insights from attendees and presenters. These insights provide a useful set of tips for anyone embarking on or going through a data migration, including how to decommission your old software and make it easier with the right technology.

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Expert advice on driving an effective data strategy

4 minute read Chief data officer, Data quality

As host of a recent event to launch our new research, 'Rise of the data force', Derek has collated his highlights from our expert speakers into 5 key pieces of advice on establishing an effective data strategy.

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Data Migration - your perspectives on how to plan more effectively

6 minute read Data migration, Data quality

Data migrations are commonplace these days and with the quantity of data growing rapidly year on year, they’re growing ever more complex. That’s why I believe we continue to see such appetite for our roundtable events where customers can learn and share experiences about what works for them. Our recent September event was no exception and as host I was pleased to be joined by a selection of customers from industries across the board as well our guest speaker, industry expert Johny Morris.

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Monetisation of data in practice: Part 2

4 minute read Data quality

Organisations are now looking to “monetise” their data assets in more explicit and measurable ways in order to prioritise where investment will drive greatest returns, reduce risk and minimise loss. In the second part of this monetisation series I look a common scenario to illustrate how this can work in practise.

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How to 'monetise' your data assets: Part 1

6 minute read Data quality

The monetisation of data is not a new concept, however technology is now making other ways of data monetisation accessible to every organisation. This article examines the place of data quality in this emerging trend and describes a pragmatic four-step process for putting a value on data issues.

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Overcoming the data migration challenge

5 minute read Data migration, Data quality

Data migration is an extremely common, business-critical task. So it may come as a surprise to learn how many companies experience considerable challenges when executing such projects. A recent study commissioned by Experian Data Quality* showed that 9 out of ten businesses engage in data migration projects and as many as 85% experience significant problems managing them.

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Data Quality Analytics: “Following the Rabbit”

5 minute read Data profiling

*As featured by Information Age - insights and analysis for IT leaders

According to recent research, organisations that proactively manage data as an asset with a joined up approach to data quality, are the ones that reap its full strategic value. Furthermore, although 93% say they are actively trying to find and resolve data quality issues, they also feel that a massive 23% of revenue is still being wasted due to poor quality data.

The good news is that I believe technology can provide a solution, helping organisations achieve better results, quicker, thanks to learning from the experiences in other areas of Information Management.

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What are the latest data quality trends & challenges facing organisations globally?

4 minute read Data governance, Data quality

In the last few years, businesses across the UK have come to realise that data management has become a mission-critical concern, regardless the sector in which they operate. Indeed, as more and more business functions go digital and online revenues continue to grow, it is clear that data quality management is becoming more important than ever before.

To shed light on this trend, we recently published our annual Global Data Quality Research discussion paper for 2015, which highlighted a number of the key trends that are guiding current efforts to extract the greatest value from business data.

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Experian Data Quality Partner with X88 Software Ltd

2 minute read Data quality

Over the past 18 months Experian Data Quality has successfully partnered with X88 - a UK-based data management software company - to provide customers with a next generation data quality management solution. This very successful partnership has seen us combine the power of X88 Pandora with Experian software products and data sets to deliver a full range of data quality capabilities. In October 2014, X88 joined the Experian family.

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