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Gareth Rees

Gareth is our Head of Business Information Product and Product Marketing and spends his time looking at creating strategies for our latest innovative products. He has large experience with business planning and strategy for data and information propositions, in particular, across the financial, security and news technologies.

How can data quality make or break your GDPR readiness?

7 minute read GDPR, Data quality

The GDPR - we all know it’s coming and we all know we need to do something about it. What isn’t always obvious however is what to tackle first when the elements can be overwhelming -particularly with just 9 months left. 

As Head of Propositions for Experian UK&I, I’ve been involved in conversations with many organisations and it’s clear that consent is front of mind. Whilst that is indeed critical for GDPR, it shouldn’t be at the expense of thinking about how you’re going to manage all your existing personal data assets. Having the right processes in place for dealing with data quality is fundamental to ensuring you can address all the actions stipulated in the regulation.

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