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Georgina Adamson

Georgina has worked at Experian Data Quality for nearly 5 years and is one of our dedicated marketers. Georgina knows that as a marketer, data is one of her most important assets and that success depends on understanding her customers in depth. When Georgina isn’t talking data, she’s most likely talking fashion, interior design or exploring the latest sights and venues London has to offer.

Does your data need emergency treatment?

Are you suffering from the following data symptoms?

Difficulties streamlining service delivery, patient care and reducing overcrowded hospitals.
Challenges in accurately maximising your revenue returns and reducing your overall costs.
System migration projects posing unknown risk, constraining your budget and draining resources.

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Global Data Quality Research Snapshot 2015

Every year we carry out research to find out about the latest trends in the data quality market and what they mean for businesses for the year ahead.

So what did this year’s findings reveal?  Here’s a snapshot of some of our findings…

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5 Top Tips for your Data Cleansing Project

Today we live in a world where data is the foundation on which any profitable organisation is built. However without processes in place to keep data clean, insights and value cannot be extracted and fully utilised. Clean data is a must have for organisations today and data cleansing tools are available to ensure you get the most out of your data.

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SaaS data quality 'coming to the fore'

Organisations recognise the need to invest in data quality solutions - and upgrade legacy technology periodically - but sometimes budgets are tight. There is only so much finance available for capital projects, and this can see firms put key initiatives on the back-burner.

It can cost significant sums to buy, deploy and manage technology in-house. Initially you have to meet the outright purchase and installation costs, and then there is operational expenditure in terms of energy consumption and the expertise needed to manage the technology.

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The Data Quality Formula

Every year we commission research to find out about the latest happenings in the data quality market.

This new infographic ‘The Data Quality Formula’ shows the key findings from large British organisations when it comes to the way they manage their data assets.

The infographic demonstrates that for organisations to really get to grips with their data they must incorporate ‘The Rule of 3.’ Without the 3 key elements to the formula, Detection, Analysis and Resolution, the equation cannot be solved.

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The True Cost of Bad Emails Revealed

As a marketer, my primary goals are customer and prospect engagement. I look after a suite of products and email marketing enables me to communicate the benefits to a specific target audience. Email is still my primary channel for communication, and it is for most marketers.

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Internet of things to transform data management

As companies are becoming more aware of how they can collect and use data to their advantage, they are constantly working to improve the ways in which they store, preserve and then manage it as a business-critical asset.

Yet they are always fighting to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the vast amounts of data being produced every second. With growing numbers of devices set to go online as the much-hyped “Internet of Things” develops, big data will only get much, much bigger.

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Chief Data Officers to become more visible

Data is growing at an exponential rate, with the International Data Corporation estimating that sales of technologies and services in this area will grow by 30 per cent in 2014 alone.

McKinsey & Company describes the proliferation of data as exploding, adding that in the future, as a standard, effective utilisation of this asset will become a "key basis of competition".

Aware of this, organisations all over the world are generating, accessing and engaging with an extensive range of data, which is, along with the growing realisation that expertise is decidedly lacking, is "driving the need for chief data officers (CDOs)".

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The Well-Oiled Data Machine

Our new infographic 'The Well-Oiled Data Machine' illustrates some of our key findings from the Experian Data Quality 2014 Global Research report.

Whilst 99% of organisations understand the importance of having clean and refined data, organisations are still experiencing data inefficiencies and malfunctions. Data is the oil that keeps the business cogs turning, however businesses will only have good quality outputs if the data going in is fit for purpose. Lack of data quality control can result in business inefficiencies, poor customer service and inaccurate insights.

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Get your emails fit this New Year

Christmas has been and gone, but the remorse of our over indulgence is sadly still with us.

But now it’s 2014. We feel inspired. Our determination has no limits. We will become fitter and healthier. We will become the best possible versions of ourselves.

Well, maybe not quite.

If like me you probably won’t be brushing the cobwebs off your trainers this January, perhaps you can ensure a healthy email sender reputation instead.

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