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James Marrable

James has worked for Experian Data Quality for over seven years and engaged across a number of verticals and businesses from SME to Multinationals. James now focuses on ensuring the global Experian business is best placed to serve our customers' needs when it comes to Data Quality, Data Governance and Data Strategy. This is achieved through a global education programme, led by James and supported by the UK Data Quality team.

James also is a Lead SPIN Trainer, helping sales people and sales leaders to ensure they fully understand their customers' problems and requirements and so enabling them to meet their needs more efficiently and effectively.

Want to improve performance? Improve your data.

6 minute read Data quality

Performance may mean different things to different organisations but essentially it’s a measure of success that needs to be monitored, maintained and improved. In my role as Sales Operations Manager I spend a lot of time thinking about how we can improve our own performance. In my case that’s about how well our solutions help our customers to meet their requirements and in turn deliver for their own customers. When it comes to driving better performance, I would go as far to say that I am obsessed with it. I read blogs, books, am top mates with TED and even have my own website dedicated to it.

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Smart data. Smarter decisions.

5 minute read Data quality, Data governance

James Marrable, host of our recent client summit, gives an overview of the most interesting themes from the day's presentations. He looks in particular at why data analytics relies so heavily on data quality and the opportunity that self-service is bringing to organisations.

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