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Jim Williams

Jim joined Experian Data Quality in October 2014 as Principal Consultant and is a specialist in the development and application of data quality software solutions for data driven initiatives including data migrations. Jim spent a number of years as part of, and leading, the delivery of data driven projects undertaking roles such as analyst, designer, auditor and project manager. He then moved into the pre-sales role with a variety of companies that specialise in providing software to accelerate the delivery of data migration projects while driving up the overall quality of the end result – more accurate data on time and within budget.

In his 20 years’ experience in the data migration field, Jim has worked for IBM (project delivery and software sales), Trillium Software, Datanomic, Informatica and X88 Software for a variety of projects in different lines of business in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and the USA.

Experian Pandora’s Profiling Secret: Say Goodbye to Sampling

5 minute read Data profiling, Data quality

Most free tools will only profile and analyse a sample of your data – but not ours. Profiling 25,000 records of 1 million will not identify all data issues, you need to profile all 1 million.

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A successful end to a data migration requires a successful beginning

3 minute read Data migration, Data quality

Experian Data Quality's data migration expert consultant, Jim Williams, looks at one of the most common challenges for those managing migrations - why having a business sponsor in place is critical to getting off to a good start. He considers in particular the importance of establishing this early on to get the project off to a good start and ultimately reach a successful conclusion.

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