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Louise Read

Louise is an accredited member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and is currently a Marketing Specialist at Experian Data Quality. Her primary focus is on research and thought-leadership programmes that explore key data management trends and challenges. Recently Louise has interviewed a number of Chief Data Officers to understand this emerging role, their responsibilities and how it’s driving strategic value for businesses.


How the younger generation is shaping data protection

5 minute read Data protection

“Social [Media] is dead” – according to one keynote speaker at the DMA’s recent Data Protection Update, sponsored by Experian. At this event there were a range of business leaders and experts speaking about data management strategies but this statement really grabbed my attention. 

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Understand the key data priorities and challenges faced by marketers in 2016

3 minute read Data quality

Explore the key data management priorities and challenges faced by marketers from Experian’s 2016 Digital marketers report. Including achieving a Single Customer View and greater quality of data.

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The new GDPR regulations explained…

6 minute read GDPR, Data protection, Data governance

In this post, Louise shares an overview of 5 of the key elements that make up the new European General Data Protection Regulation, and considers the financial impact if businesses get this wrong. 

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Why is having a single data owner so important?

4 minute read Chief data officer, Data quality

UK businesses are starting to recognise the true strategic value of data as a competitive differentiator and customer experience enhancer; which in turn is increasing the potential value of data as a source of revenue. In fact, 90% of CIOs believe data is changing the way their organisations do business.

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The Dawn of the Chief Data Officer

3 minute read Data quality

The exponential growth of data has proved a growing challenge for businesses across all sectors, but also an increasing opportunity. New research shows that 90% of those surveyed believe data has changed the way organisations are doing business.

UK businesses are realising the strategic value of data as a competitive differentiator, a customer experience enhancer as well as a direct influencer of revenue. In order to make this a reality businesses are under increasing pressure to provide reliable and consistent data that is accessible corporate wide. Often by default rather than design, this responsibility has fallen on the shoulders of Chief Information Officers (CIOs).

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