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Lucy Moran

Nottingham born Lucy joined Experian Data Quality 3 and a half years ago as a Sales Coordinator where she soon found her passion for spreadsheets and reporting. Now a Business Analyst, Lucy spends her time analysing vast amounts of data to understand market and customer trends. Lucy understands the importance in which accurate and reliable data should underpin all business decisions and she is committed to ensuring the high quality of data within our business. Lucy’s hobbies include reading, going to the theatre and spending time with her two moggies, Oscar and Izzy.

Help, I’ve got OCDQ!

Data quality

Here at Experian Data Quality I am a Business Analyst so on a daily basis I spend my time analysing vast amounts of data. I love data so looking at spreadsheets and turning higgledy piggledy information into meaningful insights, is well my perfect job.
I have always been a perfectionist. But over time this has changed and adapted as I have moved through my working life. Over the last year or so my compulsion has taken on a new form

Data Quality.

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