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Mike Kilander

Mike Kilander is the Global Managing Director of Experian Data Quality at Experian. With the company since 2006, Mike has led eCommerce, consumer product, and small business teams, building and managing online businesses. Prior to Experian, he held several product marketing and business development roles at and Creative Planet.

Mr Kilander began in business, after completing service in the U.S. Army, as a business strategy consultant at Monitor Group. A consistent theme of his career has been managing multidisciplinary teams driving business change, particularly digital transformations. A father of three, Mike and his wife Lori split their time between London, Southern California, and their sons’ football games. 

Aperture Data Studio – not just another data management platform

4 minute read Life at Experian, Data quality

This week sees the launch of Experian’s brand new data management platform, Aperture Data Studio. It’s a platform that we’re all incredibly excited about. It brings together our expertise in data quality with the power of Experian data, to help our customers solve a wide range of business problems. Importantly, targeting the needs of the business user, Aperture was built around the principles of ease of use and simplicity of implementation. For our users, the ability to drive results in days rather than months is the critical element that separates Aperture from the rest.

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