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Guest Editor: Nicola Askham

The Data Governance coach Nicola Askham is an independent data management consultant. Her experience in coaching both regulatory and non-regulatory organisations to design and implement full data governance frameworks, is unique within the data governance field. The coaching approach enables organisations to self-manage the process beyond initial implementation.

4 steps to get your data governance initiative off the ground

7 minute read Data governance

In my last blog, I wrote about the reasons why it’s important to get stakeholder buy-in to start working on data governance. In this blog, I will look at the next stage – 4 practical steps to get the foundations ready for building your initiative.

Data governance is paradoxical. The concept itself is quite straightforward. After all, it's just about proactively managing your data in order to improve the quality of it. But despite the fact that many businesses are on board with the benefits, a great deal still struggle to implement data governance.

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How to get buy-in to your Data Governance Framework

4 minute read Data governance, Data quality

Everyone agrees that implementing data governance can be challenging, but not all parts of the process are as difficult as others. Designing a simple data governance framework to help your organisation proactively manage the quality of its data is not too hard to do. The problem most people face is getting their stakeholders to "buy in" to their data governance framework.

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How to find the right data owners for your governance programme?

5 minute read Data governance, Data quality

I presented at a Data Governance Roundtable for Experian Data Quality, where most people involved were doing their first ever data governance implementation. The main talking point - how do you find the right data owner?

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Squaring the Circle: Your data governance webinar questions

10 minute read Data governance, Data quality

There were a vast amount of questions that were asked before, during and after our webinar ‘Squaring the Circle: Using a data governance framework to support Data Quality’ on the 4th September and unfortunately we ran out of time to answer them all. So, Janani and I thought we would incorporate your questions and turn this blog post into a virtual Q&A session.

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What Data Governance roles do you need to make your Data Quality initiative a success?

3 minute read Data governance, Data quality

In my last blog I shared a couple of questions I frequently get asked about data governance around whether data governance is the same as data quality and if you need both. When I have convinced the organisations that I am working with that they do indeed need both, one of the most common questions I am asked is:

What data governance roles do we need to make our data quality initiative a success?

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Is Data Governance the same as Data Quality?

3 minute read Data governance, Data quality

I have been helping organisations implement Data Governance for the past eleven years and in my role as The Data Governance Coach, I’m often asked numerous questions about Data Governance.

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