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Rebecca Hennessy

Rebecca is Experian Data Quality's Head of Marketing and has worked across a number of different functions within Experian over the last 10 years. Rebecca has recently been heavily involved in our Chief Data Officer (CDO) research project and championing how this growing role is driving important strategic value for organisations.

8 reasons why the GDPR can help boost your business

6 minute read GDPR

At Experian, we firmly believe the GDPR presents a positive opportunity to transform the way you organise and process your data; increasing the value you derive from it and reinforcing customer-centric business practices that are essential in our data-driven age.

I’m going to explore some of those opportunities below but before we kick off, it’s worth briefly highlighting how the GDPR is different to the existing Data Protection Act 1998, under which all UK businesses currently operate. 

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Prepping for GDPR? The ‘I’s have it

8 minute read GDPR

The impending GDPR is ready to impact every organisation that deals with Europe. The penalties are big, so preparation is key.

A core theme of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is to keep consumer interests front of mind at all times, mirrors sound fundamental advice for all companies.

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Responding to data in 2017: Customer care, regulations and quality issues

6 minute read GDPR

If you saw my recent Global Data Management Research highlights post you’ll be aware that there are some pressing issues that organisations are up against in 2017.  I was delighted therefore to have the opportunity to explore some of these issues further in a feature article on IT Pro Portal.  You can see this below or visit the site to read it along with a wealth of other data-related market perspectives.

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Lifting the lid on data migration in 2017

5 minute read Data migration

To help increase understanding and awareness of data migration, we recently commissioned a data migration research study with Data Migration Pro, the community resource for data migration practitioners.

I also caught up with the editor of Data Migration Pro, Dylan Jones, to get some highlights from the research.

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Examining consumer attitudes and business challenges in the run up to GDPR

5 minute read GDPR, Data governance

This month sees the launch of new research in the wake of our recent Global Data Management Research. This new project from Experian and Data IQ focusses on consumer attitudes towards data use in light of forthcoming GDPR compliance.  So why does this matter so much?

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Data Management Research – Consumer expectation versus business reality

The results are in. This year’s Global Data Management Research makes for some particularly interesting reading with a clear focus on why growing customer expectation and the forthcoming regulation should be driving the need for better data management.

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Global Intuitive - a worldwide buying experience for a worldwide customer base

3 minute read Address validation

People today are used to a certain level of ease in their online buying experience. In particular, they expect processes to be completed as fast as possible, in as few steps as possible. In a recent study. 25% of consumers said they found the average website navigation too complicated and 20% claimed it took too long.

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Collaboration and GDPR – high on the Data Practitioners agenda

5 minute read Data protection, Data quality

From past lessons learned to future possible outcomes, users of Experian Pandora face unique and shared challenges. When we got them together, this is what they said…

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What makes a CDO?

4 minute read Chief data officer, Data quality

A look into the make-up of a CDO. At the broadest level, a CDO is focussed on using data to drive value across their business. So, let’s dive into what that means for the skills, background and responsibilities required, as they’re not what you may initially imagine

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How businesses are dealing with the data deluge and humanising their data strategy

3 minute read Chief data officer, Data quality

Our latest Global Data Management Research explores the key trends and challenges businesses are facing. Find out how to deal with the data deluge and start to humanise your data.

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