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Rebecca Hennessy

Rebecca is Experian Data Quality's Head of Marketing and has worked across a number of different functions within Experian over the last 10 years. Rebecca has recently been heavily involved in our Chief Data Officer (CDO) research project and championing how this growing role is driving important strategic value for organisations.

Cleveland Police UK Wins The Experian ‘Data Excellence’ Award

3 minute read Data quality, Life at Experian

Every day we work with companies doing amazing things with their data. We are therefore delighted to be sponsoring the very first Experian ‘Data Excellence’ award at this year’s Lloyds Bank National Business Awards. It gives us the chance to celebrate organisations for their innovative thinking and excellent use of data – an area we at Experian are very passionate about.

So, we are pleased to announce that Cleveland Police are the deserving recipient of the inaugural award for their ‘Golden Nominal’ project – an initiative which demonstrates how the power of better data can have a positive impact on policing.

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Cleveland Police win DataIQ’s ‘Breakthrough with data’ award

3 minute read Data quality

Last night we were thrilled to see long-standing customer, Cleveland Police, named as winner of the ‘Breakthrough with data’ Award at DataIQ’s 2018 Talent Awards. 

The DataIQ awards are all about recognising excellence in data and analytics and the sheer number of entrants across 18 categories is testament to the way data is driving change for those organisations that are embracing its opportunity.

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Celebrating with the best in the industry

4 minute read Life at Experian

Last night was the 2018 Data Leaders Awards and I had the pleasure of celebrating with two long-standing customers, Adi Clowes from Center Parcs and Tesco’s Michael Greene. Having nominated them both, we were delighted to see them named as finalists amongst the very best in the industry.

The Data Leaders Awards is the UK’s premier initiative for celebrating data leadership and excellence among the sector’s highest achievers. Organised by Information Age magazine, the list is updated annually to recognise the top individuals and companies driving data innovation and business value.

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Are businesses and consumers geared up for the GDPR?

5 minute read GDPR

With GDPR enforcement imminent, it’s a pivotal moment to observe how well geared up UK organisations are, as well as the changing perceptions of consumers around use of their data.

So, once again, we’ve teamed up with DataIQ to carry out the third instalment of this GDPR Impact Series research. Hot off the press, we were delighted to launch the report at a co-hosted DataIQ event last week where the guest panel, including our own Paul Malyon, got to grips with key priorities and tips for getting ready. You can read more about the discussion in DataIQ’s round up here.

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Why is data quality more important than ever in 2018?

5 minute read Data quality

Our recent Global Data Management Research provides an interesting perspective on the current challenges and opportunities that data presents to organisations in the digital age. What it also highlights is why data quality’s more important than ever in 2018 and some of the key challenges that organisations are facing when managing their data. To bring this to life, I’ve chosen 5 standout stats and suggested some useful resources for those looking to explore them further.

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What are the top data management trends for 2018?

4 minute read Data quality, GDPR

2018 is a big year for data as the GDPR comes into force in May. It’s undoubtedly sharpened focus on the industry and brought data issues to the forefront of many organisations. With this in mind, the release of our annual Global Data Management Research is particularly timely and it gives us a detailed insight into how organisations are faring in today’s ever complex digital world.

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8 reasons why the GDPR can help boost your business

6 minute read GDPR

At Experian, we firmly believe the GDPR presents a positive opportunity to transform the way you organise and process your data; increasing the value you derive from it and reinforcing customer-centric business practices that are essential in our data-driven age.

I’m going to explore some of those opportunities below but before we kick off, it’s worth briefly highlighting how the GDPR is different to the existing Data Protection Act 1998, under which all UK businesses currently operate. 

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Prepping for GDPR? The ‘I’s have it

8 minute read GDPR

The impending GDPR is ready to impact every organisation that deals with Europe. The penalties are big, so preparation is key.

A core theme of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is to keep consumer interests front of mind at all times, mirrors sound fundamental advice for all companies.

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Responding to data in 2017: Customer care, regulations and quality issues

6 minute read GDPR

If you saw my recent Global Data Management Research highlights post you’ll be aware that there are some pressing issues that organisations are up against in 2017.  I was delighted therefore to have the opportunity to explore some of these issues further in a feature article on IT Pro Portal.  You can see this below or visit the site to read it along with a wealth of other data-related market perspectives.

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Lifting the lid on data migration in 2017

5 minute read Data migration

To help increase understanding and awareness of data migration, we recently commissioned a data migration research study with Data Migration Pro, the community resource for data migration practitioners.

I also caught up with the editor of Data Migration Pro, Dylan Jones, to get some highlights from the research.

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