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Guest Author: Sam Goss

Sam is the Co-Founder and CMO of National Business Award nominated Comma Group - a Management Consultancy focused on data and information management.

The Importance of Data Quality

3 minute read Data quality

Comma and Experian have joined forces to host a webinar that looks at the biggest data quality challenges our clients face, and how they can overcome them.

Technology is an enabler. It’s a connection between information and people, and it’s a vital part of Master Data Management. But it’s not where the MDM journey begins and ends.

Successful MDM should be part of a much bigger business transformation, a cultural shift toward a data-centric way of thinking across the business. This is because an MDM solution will only ever be as good as the data it processes. Without the right data, your MDM software will always fall short of expectations.

In short, data quality is the biggest obstacle to implementing MDM effectively, but it’s far from insurmountable, and can usually be traced back to the same contributing factors.

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